Crypto World gets excited about Bitcoin price increase

How far you can see those days when the price of Bitcoin rose or fell by several thousand dollars in just a few hours. For those who have just entered the market, the sudden movements of the cryptomoney may seem like a memory from the past. After it has been stagnant for more than a month at around $9,000. So Changpeng Zhao laughs in the day’s Tweet about how the crypto world is excited by a small increase in the price of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Rise (BTC) takes it to $9,400 for the first time in 2 weeks

The Thrill of the Crypto World by Bitcoin
It’s been weeks of very quiet inside the crypto world, maybe too quiet. Well, after the third Halving in Bitcoin’s Blockchain, the price of cryptomoney has left behind its usual volatility. To enter a lateral market around $9,000 per BTC, which has led some to speak of a maturity in the virtual currency market.

At the end of the day, price stability for Bitcoin is desirable in the crypto market. Because, in order to be recognized as a legitimate currency around the world, and adopted by the majority of the population, BTC needs to leave behind the volatility in its price.

However, this is an event that is expected to occur much later and at a much higher Bitcoin price. While at this time, most of the bets on the crypto world were on a new big bullish rally. Which explains the excitement after the small increase of $200 in the price of the currency experienced today.

„I’ve never seen so much emotion from such a small movement of #BTC In the old days…“

Thus, with this message via Twitter, Changpeng Zhao was mocking the excitement raised in the crypto world by a small increase in the price of Bitcoin. He was winking at the volatility that we were used to in cryptology, and which is expected to return any day now.