Debt Default Could Make Bitcoin a Top 3 Asset: Survey

• Hedge fund billionaire Paul Tudor Jones believes that the entire US regulatory apparatus is against Bitcoin.
• Bankrupt lender BlockFi is liquidating its lending platform and Lido has rallied 12% as it enables staked Ethereum withdrawals.
• According to a survey, US debt default could make Bitcoin a top 3 asset.

Hedge Fund Billionaire: ‘Entire US Regulatory Apparatus is Against Bitcoin’

Hedge fund billionaire Paul Tudor Jones recently made headlines after announcing his intention to invest in Bitcoin, citing the cryptocurrency’s potential to serve as an inflation hedge and store of value similar to gold. In addition, Jones noted that he believes the entire US regulatory apparatus is currently against Bitcoin, which may be making some investors hesitant about entering the market.

Bankrupt Lender BlockFi Liquidates Platform

In other news, bankrupt lender BlockFi announced that it will be liquidating its lending platform after running into financial difficulties due to mismanagement of funds and lack of proper oversight. The company stated that while they were able to secure additional financing from outside sources, they decided to move ahead with this plan in order to ensure the safety of their customers‘ assets.

Lido Enables Staked Ethereum Withdrawals

On a more positive note, crypto startup Lido recently saw its token rally by 12% after announcing that users will now be able to withdraw staked Ethereum directly from their wallets without having to go through a custodian or third-party service provider. This move is expected to further increase liquidity for ETH and benefit both current and potential users of the platform.

US Debt Default Could Make Bitcoin A Top 3 Asset

According to a recent survey conducted by Bloomberg News‘ MLIV Pulse, many investors now consider BTC as a king of digital gold and have ranked it higher than any fiat currency – including investor staples such as the U.S dollar, Japanese yen, and Swiss franc – when asked what asset they would purchase as a hedge against a hypothetical debt default scenario. Approximately 8% of professional investor respondents and 11% of retail investor respondents said they intended on purchasing Bitcoin as their primary hedge against such an event occurring.

The Dawn Of The Post-Knowledge Era: AI’s Threat To White-Collar Jobs

Finally, an op-ed was recently published on CryptoSlate discussing how AI technology poses a threat not just to blue-collar jobs but white-collar positions as well due to its ability automate many complex tasks once performed by humans with greater accuracy and efficiency. It argues that this new era could bring about great opportunities for those willing embrace new technologies but also threatens those who are unable or unwilling do so in order remain competitive in today’s rapidly changing job market